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(Mounting suggestions depicted above. Pricing is for ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip only, does not include bracket, mounting or ­fitting)

Busy Bee Brushware has developed the ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip to assist in damage prevention while towing. It acts as a secondary line of defence against stones and bounce-back.

With many vans now costing above $50,000, the most frustrating thing for Aussie Caravaners and Travellers is having the front of their shiny new caravan, trailer or boat damaged with unsightly dings and stone chips. How often do you hear that someone’s travel experience has been set back by stones bouncing back and smashing the back window or tail lights of their 4WD or towing vehicle?

What is it?

Our ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip is a brush system set into a sturdy plastic (HDPE) backing (45mm x 25mm) that can be mounted under the vehicle, or on an extended tow bar hitch of your 4WD or towing vehicle via a metal bracket (not included). Our unique bristle design of our brush strip allows for greater airflow and less drag than traditional mud flaps.

The ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip is proudly licenced with the Australian Made Campaign official logo, be wary of inferior imitations.

Comes in 4 standard lengths, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, and you can chose your brush trim length from 150mm to 400mm.

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We welcome your enquiry to discuss your specific needs.

Fitting your ROCK OFF®

We recommend you contact your local 4WD after market specialist, trailer specialist or engineer/fitter who could give you some advice as to the best way to fit to your vehicle.  

A couple of tips we can give you:

  • When measuring the trim length that you need, when we refer to Brush trim, that is the exact length of the bristle.  You will need to add the length of the backing to that measurement when considering overall length.
  • Most customers feedback is that the brush can be mounted with anywhere from 100mm to 200mm clearance from the road.
  • Remember this is a plastic bristle brush, so needs to be mounted away from the exhaust pipe.  Both the heat of the exhaust pipe and the hot fumes that come from it can distort the bristles.  We recommend you contact a local exhaust specialist for advice.
  • The ROCK OFF Towing Brush Strip can also be cut into pieces and mounted under the caravan as a secondary protection zone for your caravan’s pipework.

2 reviews for this product

  1. Brian Cook (verified owner)

    The process was quick and easy, delivered to my door in WA within 7 days and very easy to install. Will see how they go on the road test next week.

  2. Wayne Chapman

    I’ve purchased Rock Off to help protect the underside of my caravan from stone damage as I expect to undertake some pretty serious outback journeys in the near future. Whilst I have Stone Stomper to protect the front of my caravan, that product doesn’t necessarily reduce stones from damaging under my van and this is where Rock Off will assist. Customer service with the Busy Bee Brushware team was excellent and the product was very easy to install under my caravan using a length of angled aluminium from Bunnings.

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Wayne
      We wish you well in your travels, hopefully the event in 2021 will go ahead.

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