What is the difference between 4mm and 9mm Strip Brush?

4mm – this is our range of Residential Strip Brush, 4mm refers to the width of the backing that holds the Nylon bristle in place.  Generally this Strip Brush is used for domestic applications, door strips, Garage Door Seals, computer cabling seals, covering gaps under 100mm

9mm – this is our range of Industrial Strip Brush, 9mm refers to the wide of the backing that holds the Polypropylene bristle in place.  Generally this Strip Brush is used for industrial applications, factory roller doors, large sheds, covering gaps larger than 100mm, pest control, conveyor manufacturing solutions, sealing spray booths.


Why should I purchase a Strip Brush Sample Pack first?

A Sample Pack is the best way to know that you are ordering exactly what you need.
Each sample pack contains a small piece of every Strip Brush option, including the fibre types, bristle length options and aluminum holder shapes.

Mix and match the different brush and track options to figure exactly what you need for your application. Know exactly what you need and have confidence that your strip brush will work the first time.
PLUS, you qualify for a 10% discount off your Strip Brush purchase (excluding Freight)

How much is a Strip Brush Sample Pack?

Our 4mm Residential Strip Brush Sample Pack costs $1.00 including GST, plus Australia Post 500gm Satchel cost.
Our 9mm Industrial Strip Brush Sample Pack costs $9.90 including GST, plus Australia Post 3kg Satchel cost. This includes the Residential Pack FREE OF CHARGE.

How do I get my COUPON discount voucher?

When you purchase our Strip Brush Sample Pack, you will receive an email with your tracking details and your COUPON discount number. When you go into your Shopping Cart, you can add your COUPON number and your 10% discount will be applied to your Strip Brush (min Purchase $100).

Do I need Fire Retardant Strip Brush?

Your local Council will have information regarding the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) rating for your area and can give you advice regarding sealing your property to meet the Australian Standards AS 3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.  Some councils have information available via Google search

If your property is not BAL rated, then the fire retardant fibre is not necessary. If you are not sure, the price of the Fire Retardant strip is now the same price as the standard Nylon strip, so go with the Fire Retardant just in case.  The Fire Retardant Strip has a higher melting point and the bristles are designed to self-extinguish when under Ember Attack.

I need a copy of the Material Data Sheet for the Flame Retardant fibre.  Where can I find the information?

Our Flame Retardant Nylon fibre comes from Germany and is converted into the Brush Strip in Australia.

Certificate of Flame Retardancy

Hahl Flame Retardant – English Highlighted

I have a Panel Lift Garage Door, what do I need?

We have a Kit designed for Sectional and Panel Lift Garage Doors, based on feedback we have received from a number of professional Garage Door installers.

Here is the link: https://www.busybee.com.au/product/bal-rated-sectional-door-ember-brush-seal-garage-door-top-and-sides-seal/

Will the brush seal scratch the roller doors exterior finish or work without any problems with a motorised roller door

The Nylon fibre is very soft but dense and designed so as not to impact on the motor or the exterior finish of the door.

When you install the brush you need it to be just touching the door when the door is closed to create the seal, and preferably on the outer corrugation of the Roller Door.

We recommend you consider purchasing the 4mm Strip Brush Sample Pack so that you can see the Strip Brush and Holders and “try before you buy”.

4mm Residential Sample Pack

I have a large shed roller door and there is a bow in the roller. What should I do?

It is important to check what is the largest gap when the door is closed, and that is the bristle length that you would need.  We would recommend considering using a 45 degree Aluminium Holder fixed to under the Lintel or frame, and angle the bristle downwards away from the gap.  When the door is closed, the bristle will just touch the door to create the seal.  Where the gaps are smaller, the bristle will settle downwards without overly squashing against the door.

I have a roller door where the gap gets smaller when the door opens. How do I handle this?

You will still need a Strip Brush bristle length that covers the widest gap when the door is open.  Consider using the 45 degree Aluminium Holder so that the bristle is angled away from the gap when the door is opening.  We would recommend you consider purchasing our Strip Brush Sample Pack for either Residential or Industrial applications.  Then you can check what the function of the roller door would be like when you are operating the door opening mechanism.  This is to avoid the bristles getting caught up in the gap and impeding on the door mechanism.

If you are unsure, we would recommend you seek advice from a Garage Door Maintenance professional who may be able to make adjustment to the Roller Door.  Or you may be able to install a “spacer” or “packer” under the frame. This means the installed Strip Brush would sit lower and keep clear from the roller gap.  In some instances, it may be necessary to install the Strip Brush on the actual Roller Door with the bristle then touching the Lintel or frame to create the seal.


Will the 4mm Residential Garage Door Brush Seals keep birds out of my shed?

Pesky birds cannot fly through the bristle, however if they have somewhere to perch they can push through.  So make sure that you do not have anywhere near the gap that the birds can perch on.  And remember to remove the nests, as they will continue to try to get in.

If the gap is smaller than 100mm then the 4mm Residential Strip will suffice.  If the gap is larger, then go with the 9mm thick Industrial Strip Brush.

Can you do a Custom Size? My door is 4.3m high

All of our Strip Brush and Aluminium Holders are manufactured and stocked in 3 metre lengths.  Anything longer than 3 metres is cumbersome and expensive to freight.

In this instance you would purchase 1 x 3m and 1 x 1.5m length and join them together to make up 4.5m, and then cut them down to 4.3m when you install them.

How are the Garage Door Seals transported?

Our Garage Door Seals are packed onto heavy duty cardboard and wrapped for protection. They are then either inserted into a heavy-duty Cardboard or PVC tube or flat packed.

Why is the freight so expensive for this product?

At up to 3 metres in length, Strip Brush is an awkward product to transport. Many couriers will not accept items over 1 metre, and the others charge a premium for oversize items.
We offer flat-rate freight to ship this around Australia, to keep our prices down, and to make sure it doesn’t become inaccessible to our regional customers.

What do I do with the packaging?

One of our customers was very pleased to turn his tube into storage for his fishing rods.

One suggestion is to cut the tube into sections, drill holes in the sides and plant them into the garden near the veggie patch, and use them to collect weeds for composting.

Or you can cut the tube down, put a cap on the bottom, add a hole on the side of the tube and attach it with a magnet to the fridge as a stubby-holder holder!

Please recycle if you can.

Can I trim the bristle after it has been installed?

We do not recommend trying to trim the bristle yourself. The Nylon bristle is fine, but dense and it is difficult to cut the bristle into an even line. We recommend the Strip Brush Sample Pack so that you can choose the right bristle length first time.  If you really need a different bristle length, contact us to discuss a quote for custom cutting.

If the bristle is too long, sometimes choosing the 45 degree Holder allows the bristle to settle better.  If the bristle is too short, you may be able to move the Holder over to ensure the bristle just touches the door to create the Seal.  The Strip Brush Sample Pack allows you to “try before you buy” and mix and match until you find the right combination for your application.

How do I attach the Garage Door Brush Seals?

When you purchase your Strip Brush Sample Pack, you will receive a copy of our Profile Booklet and our Fitting Tips Sheet.
Or you can download it here:
STRIP BRUSH Fitting Instructions and Tips

My Garage door is over 3 metres in length. What is the best option for me?

All of our strip brush and aluminium holders are manufactured and stocked in 3 metre lengths. This is for ease of transport.
For lengths over 3 metres, purchase 2 pieces to make up the length required.
For example: for a 5.2 metres double garage we recommend you purchase 1 x 3m and 1 x 2.5m.

Can you cut to size?

We sell the brush strip and holders in half metre increments, or we can help you with cut to size lengths. Please Contact Us and we can discuss a quote for custom cutting.

What if the gap is larger than 25mm?

We have a full range of Aluminium Holders and Fire Retardant Brush Strips suitable for most domestic Garage doors, including Roller Doors, Panel Doors, Tilt Doors and Sectional Doors.  Suitable for top and bottom seal, and side seals.  You can mix and match with our “Choose your options” product listing (type “4mm” in our Search Box). A Sample Pack is available to purchase so you can “try before you buy”.

Sample Pack

The bristles are bent out of shape, is there anything I can do to fix this?

If your bristles have lost their shape over time or during transport, run hot water (not boiling) over the bristles to help return their memory.


What size flue brush do I need?

For the best clean, choose a Flue Brush Head the same size as the inside diameter of your Flue. a Flue Brush head that is too small will be ineffective; too large may damage the joins and rivets in your Flue.

What is the difference between the Polypropylene brushes and the Galvanised Steel brushes?

Our Polypropylene Flue Brush Head is widely recommended for most Flue Cleaning applications. The polypropylene bristles are hard wearing, long lasting and strong enough to give you a great clean. However, it can’t be used when the flue is warm, as the plastic can melt.
The Galvanised Steel brush can be used when the flue is still warm. The major disadvantage is that over time the steel bristles may scratch the inside of the flue, leading to more creosote build-up in the future
For personal use we recommend the polypropylene brush head.

Chimney or Flue?

For flues and wood heaters, check out our Flue Brush Range
For chimneys, check out our Semi Professional Chimney Sweep Kit

I don’t want to climb onto the roof. Which brush do I need?

The Flexi Flue Brush Kit is designed to clean from the bottom up. The Nylon rod is strong but flexible and can handle up to 2 x 45-degree bends. This allows it bend through the wood heater into the flue hole.
You will need to remove the baffle or damper plate to access the opening of the flue. Cleaning from the bottom up can be a bit messier, so be on hand with a vacuum cleaner to suck up any soot that overflows from the heater.
Do not try to bend the rod more than 45 degrees when you are feeding the rod into the Flue. You will need to stand close to the front of the woodheater so that you do not run the risk of the Rod being forced inwards at a larger angle and collapsing. If you are unable to remove the Damper plate, you may need to contact your local Wood Heater service professional for advice.

Can I use a Flexi Flue Kit from the roof down?

Yes, any of our Flue Cleaning Brush Kits can be used from the roof.

I have two 45° bends. What is the best way to clean my flue?

Our Flexi Flue Brush Kit can handle up to 2 x 45-degree angles in the flue. Take care to not force the brush, as this may dislodge sections of the Flue. If unsure, obtain some advice from your local Chimney Sweep. Alternatively, using our Flexi Flue Brush Kit, you can clean one bend from the roof and the other from the ground.

It might be an idea to consult with a Chimney Sweep professional or Flue Installation specialist to consider whether a “port” could be installed into the Flue. This would allow you to insert your Flue Cleaning Brush and Rod in between the 45 degree bends for easier access. You can then clean downwards and then upwards.

I have a double storey home with high ceilings, what is the best way to clean my Flue?

When you have more than a 21ft (6.3m) Flue to clean, it might be an idea to consult with a Chimney Sweep professional or Flue Installation specialist to consider whether a “port” could be installed into the Flue. This would allow you to insert your Flue Cleaning Brush and Rod half way up the Flue. You can then clean downwards and then upwards, with less length to cover.

Can I use the Twist Wire Rods for a Flue with bends in it?

There is a chance this Rod could get caught up inside the bend due to the Ferrules at each end of the Rod.  Also, the twisted wire is not designed to be over compacted when trying to push through angles.  We would recommend you consider using our Flexi Flue Cleaning Brush Kit as it contains a continuous Nylon Rod designed to go around up to two 45 degree bends.  For a heavy duty option, we would recommend the Professional Chimney Rods (R900) that are in 3 foot lengths and joined end to end with Brass fittings to also handle Flues with bends.  You will need a UA1 Universal threaded adaptor with the Chimney Rods so you can connect the Rod to any of the 1/2 inch BSW fittings on our Flue Cleaning Brush Heads.

I measured my Flue and the diameter is half way between a 5.5" (140mm) and a 6" (150mm) dia. Which size should I choose?

In this instance, we would recommend going with the larger size diameter.  When you first clean your Flue, take it slowly and gently as you don’t want to run the risk of the Flue Brush getting stuck inside the Flue.  If you find it too tight, you can trim the bristles down with a decent pair of scissors so that it fits your Flue size.

Is the Flexi Flue Cleaning Kit suitable for our Coffee Roaster Flue?

We have a Kit specifically available for cleaning Coffee Roaster Flues.  Given the nature of the build up, a more heavy duty Kit is recommended.  Coffee Roaster Flue Cleaning


Do you have Distributors interstate?

We are a small, family-owned manufacturing company here in Melbourne. We do not have any representation interstate.

We sell directly from our Melbourne manufacturing facility.  This is BRUSH ONLY and a DIY application, you will need to source your bracket and fixing. Please refer to our Product description and our FAQ’s.



Do you sell the mounting, bracket or fitting?

Busy Bee Brushware manufactures and sells the Rock Off® Towing Brush Strip. You will need to source your own fitting as a DIY project.
We recommend you contact your local 4WD after-market specialist, trailer specialist or engineer/fitter who could give you some advice as to the best way to fit to your vehicle.
Our ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip can be drilled and fixed to an Angle Bracket or a C Channel for mounting.
The ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip can also be cut into sections and mounted under the caravan as a secondary protection zone for your caravan’s pipework.

How long do the bristles need to be?

When measuring the trim length that you need, when we refer to Brush trim, that is the exact length of the bristle. You will need to add the length of the backing to that measurement when considering overall length. Our customer feedback is that the brush is most effective when mounted with anywhere from 100mm to 200mm clearance from the road
This is a plastic bristle brush, so needs to be mounted away from the exhaust pipe. Both the heat of the exhaust pipe and the hot fumes that come from it can melt the bristles.

How is ROCK OFF® different to traditional mudflaps?

ROCK OFF® is lighter, creates less drag and allow greater airflow than traditional solid mudflaps.
Our customers have also found that when a stone hits a solid mudflap it can bounce off, while the ROCK OFF® bristles absorb the impact of the stone and takes the energy out of the bouncing stones and rocks.

Is ROCK OFF® different to the spray suppressant brushes found on trucks and buses?

While similar, ROCK OFF and truck spray suppressant are different products with different purposes (although we do sell both – here is the link: https://www.busybee.com.au/product/wheel-whiskers-ww1-spray-suppressant

Truck and bus spray suppressants are designed to reduce the amount of water picked up by trucks and improve visibility for other road users. It has softer bristles and a flexible backing to fit around
ROCK OFF® is specifically designed to deflect stones and is a lot stronger than spray suppressants designed for water.

What is ROCK OFF® made off?

ROCK OFF® is made with crimped anti-static polypropylene fibre (1mm/0.040”), punched into a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) backing.
We source all our materials from local suppliers and the brush is made at our factory in Dandenong South, Melbourne.  Where possible we source recycled HDPE for our backing.

How much is the freight to ship ROCK OFF Towing Brush Strip in Australia?

This item is longer than 104cm, and classed as oversize freight. This product cannot be shipped by Australia Post.  We ship these items via Courier and we offer a flat rate Freight amount of $54.00 plus GST to anywhere in Australia.

For regional areas, if your local arrangements are to pick up from the post office or local freight depot, please specify this in the comment section when you are finalising your purchase.  There is a comment box in the checkout section so you can add any delivery details that will assist to get your freight to you efficiently.


How is this item packaged for shipping?

To protect the bristles, the ROCK OFF Towing Brush Strip is packed between heavy duty cardboard and placed into a heavy duty plastic sleeve. This ensures your brush can handle the normal rigours of road transport.

Do you have interstate stockists?

We are a small, family-owned manufacturing company here in Melbourne. We do not have any representation interstate.

This product is available to purchase online only.



How does Roof Gutter Brush work?

When you place the 1 metre lengths of Gutter Brush into your guttering, it can create a barrier so that leaves or other debris will blow off the Gutter Brush and cannot accumulate inside your guttering. Rain can still get through the bristles so that your drainage is not impacted.

How do I choose the size of my Roof Gutter Brush?

You need to measure the width of your guttering.  This will determine the diameter size of the brush you need.

For example, if your guttering measures 120mm x 120mm, go with the 125mm diameter.  The 110mm dia might be too loose and leaves could still fall down the side of the Gutter Brush, so a firmer fit would be recommended.  Sometimes the gutter brush might be visible above the guttering, but as a black bristle brush it is generally not too noticeable.

How do I install Roof Gutter Brush?

Our Gutter Brush is manufactured in 1 metre lengths for convenience of shipping. You simply lay them end to end inside your gutter. You can bend the brush so that it can go around the corners or your guttering.  It can also be pressed under the tiles to help keep out pests.

Lay the Gutter Brush so the ends press into each other, the single pieces will remain in place in your roof guttering.

You can also install a small section of gutter brush in the down pipe to leaves. Bend the rest of the length into the gutter. Only feed a small section, approx. 20cm, into the pipe so it does not impede the flow of water.

How does the Gutter Brush stay in place in my roof guttering?

Lay the Gutter Brush end to the end so the twist wire ends press slightly into each other, the single pieces will remain in place in your roof guttering.

Do I still need to clean my gutters?

We recommend that once a year you still clean your gutters. Simply lift out the pieces of Gutter Brush, give them a shake, sweep or hose out the gutter and replace the Gutter Brush. This will remove any smaller build up or dust that may collect under the brush.

How do I use it to keep out birds, mice or possums?

Simply push the gutter brush into any open crevices to deter the bird or animal from getting in. They do not like the strong bristles.

I need a lot of Rack Off° Gutter Brush. What is the best way to purchase this?

Take advantage of our Full and Half Boxes of Gutter Brush, with a discounted price built in.

Box Specials

How do I find out about custom size Gutter Brush?

Simply Contact Us for more information.

The bristles are bent out of shape, is there anything I can do to fix this?

If your bristles have lost their shape over time or during transport, run hot water (not boiling) over the bristles to help return their memory.

Why is the freight so expensive for this product?

Rack Off ® Gutter Brush does not weigh much, but they take up a lot of room in a carton, which largely increases the cost to freight this product. They are classified as “oversize” freight.
We offer flat-rate freight to ship this around Australia, so it doesn’t become inaccessible to our regional customers.


How does the Detergent Dispenser attach to the Wash Brush Pole and hose?

We have step by step pictures on our Website. There is a piece to unscrew from the Detergent Dispenser, then you screw it to the Pole and the end clips onto your normal hose nozzle.  You will have one piece left over when done.


What is the best Extension Rod to use with Boiler Tube Brushes?

We recommend using our Professional Chimney Rods, strong but flexible Polypropylene Rod with Brass fittings and 1/2″ BSW thread. Can be screwed end to end for longer lengths. You will also need to purchase a UA1 Brass adapter which has the 1/2″ BSW fitting.

Click here for our Professional Chimney Rods

Can these brushes be used for Coffee Roaster Flues?

We have a Professional Coffee Roasters Flue Cleaning Kit available that is suited for this application. The heavy duty Boiler Tube brushes have the potential to scratch the inside of the Stainless Steel Flue which can create more creosote build up.  Brass brushes would be more suitable for this application than Steel.  Our Professional Coffee Roasters Flue Cleaning Kit contains heavy duty Polypropylene brush heads suitable for this application.


I need a stronger Rod than 5/16″ (5/16” extension rod)

We have Professional Chimney Rods that are ideal for larger size Boiler Tube Brushes.  You will also need a Universal Adaptor UA1 to attach the Chimney Rod to your Boiler Tube Brush


My existing Skylight Diffuser is broken. How do I measure the size?

Jigsaw time! Arrange the pieces as best you can into shape, then trace or measure your diffuser.
For circles, trace onto paper, then fold the circle in half to find the diameter.

What if I need a custom size?

Select a larger size, e.g. if you need 460mm, then select a 500mm dia Round. When you go to the Checkout, there is a box available for your comments and you can specify that you require your Diffuser to be 460mm dia Round.

Can you supply dome-shaped Skylight Diffusers?

We specialise in FLAT sheet Acrylic only, but we can do custom sizes to make it easy to fit your existing Skylight surround.  We recommend you google “Dome Skylight Diffusers” to locate a supplier in your local area.

How are your Skylight Diffusers shipped?

We package the Skylight Diffuser between 2 square pieces of heavy-duty cardboard and seal the sides totally for protection. We use either Australia Post shipping or Courier Shipping.

Can you supply replacement Surrounds for the Skylight?

This is not our area of specialisation. We recommend you google “Skylight replacement surrounds” to locate someone in your local area.

I received my Skylight Diffuser and it looks scratched?

There should be a plastic film on both side’s of the skylight that can make it looked scratched. Have you peeled these of yet? Sometimes the film can be hard to notice!! If you have trouble removing the file, try sticking some tape near the edge to lift the film and peel off.


What are the tips for working with Acetal Plastic Rod?


Please note the following guidelines to reduce the risk of stress cracking or splitting!!!

  1. Heat generated by cutting tools can lead to the release of processing stresses so it is important for coolants to be used.
  2. When turning, using carbide tipped tools as used to aluminium and alloys, deploy a clearance angle of 6-10 degrees, a positive rake angle of 0-5 degrees and a side angle of 45-60 degrees.
  3. Drill a pilot hole of maximum 12mm using 500-800rpm and a positive feed of 0.5mm per revolution. It may be required that negative relief on the drill cutting edges be applied.
  4. Secondary drilling at 400-500rpm at 0.20mm to 0.50mm per revolution is required to expand the hole to larger diameters to accommodate a boring bar.
  5. When boring and turning a feed rate of 0.10mm to 0.30mm is recommended.