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Roof Cleaning Kit

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Soap Foaming Wash Tool

Our Soap Foaming Wash Tool gives you a great clean from its thick, rich foaming action.  It is designed to cover the surface with a thick layer of foam which breaks down the dirt and drips off without the need for harsh brushing.  Saves you TIME and WATER.  Reduces the need to keep replacing dirty bucket water.  Simply fill the heavy duty container, connect to your hose and foam away.  And with the quick release nozzle, rinsing is easy.

With 6 soap volume options and 2 different nozzles you can easily control your foam application.



Corrugated Roof Brush

Soft bristles, designed for Colorbond roofs

0.030″ Clear Nylon Fibre

Bristles are trimmed to form to your roof for easy and efficient cleaning.

Designed to be used with a handle for extra leverage.

Size 254mm, fits 25mm dia handle (not included)


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