Product Description

  • Ideal for setting firebricks, installing and repairing fireplaces, chimneys and BBQs.
  • Designed for replacing and/or repairing fireplace bricks.
  • Ensures smoke and gas tight joints.
  • Easy ready-to-use mortar
  • Air dries in 24 hours
  • Heat resistant to 1400 degrees C
  • Sandstone colour

It is pre-mixed in sizes, 400gm, 1kg and 4kg

400gm – best before date 5/4/2019

1 kg – best before date 18/5/2019

How to use our Hot Spot Ready To Use Mortar

  1. Clean the area to be filled or fixed, removing any loose material and dust.
  2. Mix Hot Spot Redi to use Mortar thoroughly until even consistency is reached.
  3. Wet (with water) area to be repaired and then apply Hot Spot Redi to use Mortar with a trowel or suitable tool.
  4. Allow 24 hours to air dry.
  5. Keep lid tightly closed and store away from heat when not in use.


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