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Rack Off® Rodent Guard Brush is our innovative product to combat the climbing of pallet and storage racking by rodents.

This two part system uses:

  • a short inner twist wire Poly brush to discourage climbing on the inside of the upright
  • a long outer twist wire Poly brush to discourage climbing on the outside of uprights and diagonal bracing.

Constructed with sturdy 0.025″ black polypropylene bristles and 1.6mm galvanized twist wire it is safe for use in food storage environments.

Can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced as required.

Ideal for:

Refrigerated Storage, Cool Storage, Dry Produce Storage, Warehouse Storage, Supermarket Storage etc.

2 piece Brush Set comprises:

  • 1 x Brush – 80mm o/a dia 100mm brush face, 110mm o/a length,
  • 1 x Brush – 60mm o/a dia 400mm brush face, 650mm o/a length,

SPECIAL PRICE PER BOX – 156 Sets, please Contact Us to discuss your individual needs.



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