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Need a specialised Brush to clean your Flue or Chimney and maintain your woodfire?

Busy Bee have put together a basic Chimney Brush Kit that will suit most Chimneys and some of the larger Flues.

Our Chimney Brush will cover a square Chimney of 10 inch x 10 inch internal size, with strong Professional Chimney Rods that screw together to cover a standard single storey height of 12 foot (3.65m).

TIP – if you measure the diagonal of your chimney, that will be the diameter Chimney brush that you need – the round brush will get into the corners of your chimney and give you a good clean.

Your Standard Kit contains:

  • 1 x 14 inch (355mm) dia Chimney Brush (standard), or you can choose another brush diameter.
  • 4 x R900 Chimney Rods (3/4 inch diameter, 3 foot length)
  • 1 x UA1 Adaptor

Additional options – you can add R900 Rods for split level or double storey homes.

Note – for cleaning your Flue, we recommend our Polypropylene Flue Brush Kits or our Flexi Flue Brush Kits.

NEW – We have expanded our Kit range to cover large Flues 


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