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Stained Glass Lead Light Polishing and Putty Brush Kit by Busy Bee Brushware 

Busy Bee Brushware lead light brushes are manufactured in Australia using quality components.

This kit contains;


  • 1ea Lead Light polishing brush
  • 1ea 13mm arbour to suit polishing brush
  • 1ea Lead Light Putty Brush (your choice of brush fill)

Brush fill options;


  • Nylon fill     – A light plastic fill with a wide spaced pattern and a directed tuft
  • Tampico fill  – A light natural fibre fill with a wide spaced pattern and a splayed tuft
  • Union fill      – A stiff  fibre brush with a wide tuft splay

When purchasing, please advise the type of brush you require by adding ‘TAMPICO‘, ‘UNION‘ or ‘NYLON‘ in the comments section.

Polishing Brush specifications

Overall Dia: 150mm
Internal Bore: 13mm
Height: 45mm         
Trim: 25mm
Putty Brush specifications
Length: 170mm
Width: 55mm
Height: 45mm
Trim: 30mm


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