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Rust Remover by Rusted Solutions® is best used by immersing the item to be de-rusted into a plastic bucket or tub, or for small items even in a sealable lunch bag.  You simply need to keep the item to be de-rusted wet with the solution until the rust is gone.
And, best of all, it is organic, environmentally safe, and Australian Made.
1 litre Pre Mix Soak – ready to go
1 litre Concentrated Soak – dilute 1:4 with water
Why Rust Remover Soak?
  • Clean an item without having to take it apart
  • Only removes rust not good metal unlike grinding, sandblasting and some acids.
  • More economical to use, and much cheaper than sand or soda blasting
  • Does not harm plastic, rubber, wood and will in most cases even leave the original paint alone
  • Will thoroughly remove even the heaviest rust
  • Save time, just set it up and move onto other things. Come back and check the progress occasionally and wash the item when finished
  • Rust Remover is Environmentally Safe, does not contain harmful acids, is not Toxic, Hazardous or Flammable

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