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(U-Bolt not included, but readily sourced from your local hardware store)

Heading into the Australian outback this holiday?  Discover ROCK OFF®, the Australian-made stone guard solution. Built tough for Aussie outback conditions when the bitumen highways run out.

The U-Bolt Mounting Kit is a new addition to the ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip range of products. In addition to the Towing Brush Strip, this kit includes a stainless steel fabricated mounting rail and stainless steel fitting to install on the rear of your vehicle, or under your caravan or camper trailer. Please note, U-Bolt is not included.

ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip Key Features:

  • Helps to prevent rock and stone kick-up from vehicle wheels, protecting the front of your caravan, camper trailer, boat or other towed vehicle
  • Minimises rock bounce-back, protecting against damage to the rear window of your vehicle
  • Great for helping to protect your pipework, suspension, tanks and spare tyre under your caravan or camper trailer when travelling on the rugged open roads of the Aussie outback

Available in three convenient kit lengths:

  1. 1750mm
  2. 1850mm
  3. 1950mm

(Other sizes available as Special Order, please Contact Us for more detail)

How to order the correct kit length:

  • Measure your vehicle from outside wheel to outside wheel

ROCK OFF® can be used in conjunction with most common caravan/trailer chains and electrical fittings, allowing you to maintain full brush coverage across the entire width of your towing vehicle.

Available bristle lengths:

  1. 250mm (suits mounting height of 395mm or more)
  2. 300mm (suits mounting height of 445mm or more)
  3. 350mm (suits mounting height of 495mm or more)
  4. 400mm (suits mounting height of 545mm or more)

How to determine your ideal bristle length:

  1. Your bristle length should be at least 145mm shorter than the distance from the top of your mounting point to the road when fully loaded
  2. Measure the distance between the top of the mounting point on your vehicle, caravan or trailer, and the road
  3. Deduct at least 100mm for road clearance and a further 45mm for the brush backing, total 145mm
  4. For example, if your total distance from mounting point to the road surface is 400mm, then you will need a bristle length of 250mm

U-Bolt mounts can accommodate U-Bolts up to an outside width of 130mm.


Your kit comes with:

  • 1 x ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip (max. width 1980mm, can be cut to your desired overall vehicle or caravan/trailer width)
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Mounting Rail 1600mm
  • 2 x U-Bolt Mounts with slots to fit up to 130mm width U-Bolts (Note: U-Bolts not included)
  • Fittings include:
    • 10 x Pan-head Self-Tapping Screws (to fit Rails to Brush)
    • 4 x M12 Button head Cap Screws
    • 4 x M12 Nyloc Nuts
    • 8 x Nyloc Washers (to fit U-Bolt Mounts to Rails)
    • 1x set of Packers (complementary)


NOTE: ROCK OFF® Towing Brush Strip is a Polypropylene (plastic) construction and must be mounted well clear of your exhaust pipe to avoid damage. Heat from the exhaust pipe and hot fumes can distort the bristles.

For best results, mount the brush under the exhaust or behind the exhaust.

Have an exhaust pipe in the way? Check out these solutions:

  • Straight exhaust pipes: straight pipes are ideal and do not typically require an Exhaust Kit option. This applies to straight exhaust pipes either above the brush mounting area or side pipes facing away from the mounting.
  • Angled exhaust pipes (within 150mm of brush mounting are): for pipes angled downwards and within 150mm of the brush mounting area, choose our Exhaust Shield Plate.  This fitting has stainless steel open shield plate to be fitted in front of your exhaust pipe so exhaust heat and fumes are drawn into the open area and away from your vehicle. Towing Brush Strip bristles are individually stapled and can be removed with pliers to accommodate fitting the Exhaust Shield Plate over the Stainless Steel Rails and in front of your exhaust pipe. Exhaust Shield Plate is fitted with a smaller piece of Towing Brush Strip to cover the gap under the plate.
  • Angled Exhaust Pipes (150-500mm from brush mounting area): for exhaust pipes angled downwards and located between 150mm and 500mm (max) away from the brush mounting area, choose our Exhaust Extension Kit. The Exhaust Extension Kit includes Exhaust Shield Plate plus 500mm of Stainless Steel Truck Flex Tube in sizes 2.5″ (60mm) or 3″ (76mm). Truck Flex Tube allows fitting over your exhaust pipe with exit via the opening in the Exhaust Shield Plate. Also includes a coupling to fit over your exhaust pipe, and a stainless steel fitting to keep Flex Tube in place. This allows the exhaust gases to flow away from under the vehicle and not impact the Towing Brush.


Not sure which option is best for you?  Please Contact Us and our friendly team will be happy to help.

Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to ensure this product is suitable for fitment and use with your intended towbar and vehicle (vehicle includes Caravans, Trailers, Motorhomes).  






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