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DOUBLE GARAGE DOOR  – Top Length:  Up to 6.0 metres  – Side height: Up to 3.0 metres

  • 25mm Bristle Brush Seal, with an Aluminium H track to fit to the lintel
  • 13mm Bristle Brush Seal, with an Aluminium F track to fit to the door jam
Your Kit Contains:
Top Door Seal:
2 x 3.0 metres – H track with 25mm Bristle Brush Seal – you may need to cut to your desired length
Side Door Seal:
2 x 3.0 metres – F track with 13mm Bristle Brush Seal
Refer to our PDF below for Fitting Instructions and Tips for the DIY handyman.
We have a custom solution to sealing your Garage Door with our Fire Retardant Garage Door Seal Kit. Brushes and holders can be cut to your specific garage dimensions to provide you with easy fitting and a quality finish.
Help protect your home this fire season with our “ember retardant” door seals and garage door seals.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) regulates construction in bushfire prone areas for Class 2 to 9 buildings in Section G, Part G5; and for Class 1 and 10 buildings Part 3.7.4.  It requires construction in accordance with AS3959 :2009.  As State and Territory requirements vary, please check with your local regulatory authority as to what regulations may exist for your region.

Designed and Manufactured in Australia, our 4mm Strip Brush contains Flame Retardant Nylon fibre in a Zincseal back.  Our Fire Retardant Nylon is Fire Rated VO which is the highest flame retardancy according to ISO 1210.  This means that material will self-extinguish within 10 seconds of removal of a flame and may not drip flaming particles.  It can withstand heat up to 220c.  Our product conforms to the Australian Standard AS3959 for “Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas”.  The Fire Retardant Nylon assists to protect your home from flying burning embers.  It is recommended for sealing around the doors, Garages and outbuildings around your home.

Our Fire Retardant Strip Brush slides into the anodized Aluminium Holder and can be fitted to almost any surface.  Our Strip Brush and Aluminium Holder can be cut to size to make a snug fit and seal up any area.  When you cut the Strip Brush to your desired length, just ensure you crimp the ends after.

Ideal for weather and draft seal, pest, vermin and bird seal, can also be used for Computer room Cable management, Industrial machinery, Conveyor cleaning.  Great for your Home, Garage, Shed, Office or Factory.

Easy to install as a DIY project, or you can contact your local garage door service company or local handyman contractor to fit for you.

Also available in 9mm thickness for larger or more industrial applications.  Refer to our Product Brochure for Brush and Holder sizes.

Australia Post Shipping Is NOT available for lengths above 1m. Freight Courier shipping only.

Please supply a physical address and contact number as our couriers cannot deliver to a PO Box.   Please also specify any special instructions for our Courier, eg. leave at side door if not at home.  Thank you.

See our PDF for Technical Data and Product Options.


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