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The Flexi Flue Cleaning Brush system by Busy Bee Brushware allows for cleaning your Flue when it has all of those tricky corners and tight bends, all in one kit.

The Flexi Flue Cleaning Brush Kit contains:

  • 1 x Nylon Flue Brush Head with a smaller brush face to get around corners
  • 1 x 5/8″ diameter continuous Nylon tube that you feed into the Flue.  It is strong, but at the same time flexible. It can be coiled into a box for storage.
  • 1 x UA2 adaptor with grub screw, ensures you won’t lose your brush in your pipe work
  • 1 x Timber handle

Great for cleaning your Flue, flexible enough to use from the ground up!! Ideal for 45 degree bends.

Optional: add an additional brush head to clean your clothes dryer ducts (not recommended for foil ducts)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 51 × 51 × 18 cm
Flexi Flue Brush Head

3 inch (76mm) dia, 4 inch (102mm) dia, 4.5 inch (114mm) dia, 5 inch (127mm) dia, 5.5 inch (140mm) dia, 6 inch (152mm) dia, 7 inch (179mm) dia, 8 inch (203mm) dia, 9 inch (229mm) dia, 10 inch (254mm) dia

Flexi Flue Brush Kit Length

12ft (3.6m), 18ft (5.5m), 21ft (6.5m), 24ft (7.3m), 27ft (8.3m), 30ft (9.2m)

15 reviews for this product

  1. Gavin

    Brush works great. My flue is about 7 metres with a bend, amazingly the handle/extension shaft that can roll up to a 500mm diameter coil, is stiff enough to push all the way to to fire box. No more worry of flue fire.

  2. Ann

    My dealings with Busy Bee have been great. I ordered via phone as I had a number of questions to ask. Andrea was more than helpful and answered questions I didn’t even know needed asking. The product arrived here in Qld very promptly and even included a couple of complimentary items. The product itself is excellent. All highly recommended.

  3. Sally

    I purchased a double story flue kit as we have 12m ceilings and then a large roof cavity. Our flue had not been cleaned for 28 years and we were woken up by the smoke alarm 10 days ago. The kit was fairly easy to put together and clean the flue and now our fire is working and drawing beautifully (just like new). Great to have our own kit as will be doing it more regularly. Busy Bee were great to deal with, the flue cleaning kit is very good quality and delivery was very prompt. Thanks very much.

  4. Marc

    Great product, easy to assemble and use. Excellent brush which cleaned a dirty flue very easily. Prompt delivery and friendly staff.

  5. Alan

    Hello , The brush kit has arrived and all components included and working . Thank you for the extra
    items .
    Cheers .
    Hi Alan
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Busy Bee

  6. Shannon

    Great product and great service! Cleaned my flue without any problems!

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Shannon
      Thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated.  
      Busy Bee

  7. Bob

    These flue brushes (6″ and 8″) worked well and cleaned the flues in minutes. I was unsure about size to buy (whether the brushes needed to be oversized at all) but the advice was not so – a 6″ diameter brush cleans a 6″ flue. I needed an 18′ length, and the flexible shaft is about the right stiffness to be able to get into confined spaces and also go around corners in the flue – one of my flues was on an old wood oven so a little easy dismantling of the damper allowed access. The product was at least as good as described and arrived promptly

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Bob
      Thanks so much for your feedback, it is great hear how well your Kit worked for you.  
      Busy Bee

  8. Ben

    Great kit. Thought I’d try it out from the bottom up. Worked well and meant that I didn’t have to get on the roof again. The flexible rod works well and allowed me to clean through a couple of 45 degree bends from. I almost look forward to cleaning the flue next time.

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Ben
      Thanks for your feedback, we are pleased that our Flexi Flue Brush worked well for you.

  9. Jo

    Product works well. We used it from the bottom up so we don’t have to get up on the roof and it was easy to use and flexible. Thank you, Andrea, for your help.

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Jo

      Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated. We are really pleased that this alleviates you needing to get on the roof!!!

  10. John

    After many years of paying someone to clean my flue, I decided it was about time I started doing it myself. Very happy with the quality and utility of this product, easy to use (I clean the flue from the bottom up). Prompt delivery.

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi John
      Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated. We know we can save you $$$ each time you use your Flexi Flue Brush Kit.

  11. Paul (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Excellent service. Good phone advice to get the right kit, quick delivery. Easy to use flexi tube and a couple of bonus items thrown in. I won’t go on – well done.

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Paul
      Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated. We really pride ourselves on our quality products and fast customer service.
      Busy Bee

  12. Mark (verified owner)

    We recently purchased a Flexi Flue kit and found the whole process (including the actual cleaning) so easy. The online purchase was simple, the service delivery as fast as we’ve ever experienced and most importantly, the product is extremely efficient and of a quality that will last for years. Thank you also for the extra items.

    • Andrea Frier

      Thanks Mark, we are proud to manufacture a quality Australian Made product. Appreciate your feedback.
      Busy Bee Brushware

  13. Roland Painter (verified owner)

    A great product that works well and makes flue cleaning easy. Great service, fast shipping, proud to support and recommend Busy Bee!

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Roland
      Thanks for your vote of confidence. It is much appreciated.

  14. meryl weckert (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and service

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Meryl
      Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated.

  15. Duncan (verified owner)

    I opened the box in the morning before work and decided to give it a go as we hadn’t used the fire for a few days. I expected to be running late but I had the chimney swept in less than 15 minutes including tidy up. All safely from inside the house without needing to go on the roof! The fire is drawing much better, clearly needed a clean.
    Very worthwhile investment.

    • Andrea Frier

      Hi Hans
      Thanks for your feedback, it is much appreciated. We are proud to manufacture a quality Australian Made product.

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I need to do cleaning from the bottom up. The flue hole is quite a long way back in the woodheater. Will the nylon tube accommodate this kind of bending, to clean from the bottom up?

The Flexi Flue brush Kit is designed to clean from the bottom up.  The Nylon rod is strong but flexible and can handle up to 2 x 45 degree bends.   Perhaps you could estimate what the angle would be for you to thread the rod up into the back of the woodheater ie. What is the width and height to the back of the woodheater?  That would give you an idea.

You will need to remove the baffle plate to access the opening of the flue. Cleaning from the bottom up can be a bit messier, so be on hand with a vacuum cleaner to suck up any soot that overflows from the heater.  Some of our customers tape a heavy duty plastic sheet over the front of the woodheater and thread the rod through a hole in the sheet.  This would stop much of the creosote and soot overflow.

What size flue brush do I need?

For the best clean, choose a Flue Brush Head the same size as the inside diameter of your Flue. a Flue Brush head that is too small will be ineffective; too large may damage the joins and rivets in your Flue.

Can I use a Flexi Flue Kit from the roof down?

Yes, any of our flue kits can be used from the roof.


I have two 45° bends. What is the best way to clean my flue?

Our Flexi Flue Brush Kit can handle up to 2 x 45-degree angles in the flue.  Take care to not force the brush, as this may dislodge sections of the Flue.  If unsure, obtain some advice from your local Chimney Sweep professional, or a Flue Installation specialist.  Alternatively, using our Flexi Flue Brush Kit, you can clean one bend from the roof and the other from the ground.


I have a double storey home with high ceilings, what is the best way to clean my Flue?

When you have more than a 21ft (6.3m) Flue to clean, it might be an idea to consult with a Chimney Sweep professional or Flue Installation specialist to consider whether a “port” could be installed into the Flue.  This would allow you to insert your Flue Cleaning Brush and Rod half way up the Flue. You can then clean downwards and then upwards, with less length to cover.

I have a number of bends in my Flue, including one with a 90-degree bend, what is the best way to clean my Flue?

We recommend you consult with a Chimney Sweep professional or Flue Installation specialist to consider whether a “port” could be installed into the Flue so that you could gain access to the area within the 90-degree bend.