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The new Flexi Flue Brush system from Busy Bee allows for the cleaning of those tricky corners and tight bends all in one kit. The mini polypropylene flue brush head when attached to our 5/8” Nylon tube allows for you to clean in and around the bends of your pipe work at lengths greater then 4m. Our standard kits come in lengths of 4m, 5.5m, 6.3m and Nylon tube is available in continuous lengths of up to 50m. Our UA2 Aluminium adaptor with grub screw helps ensure that you won’t lose your brush in your pipe work. The UA2 adaptor can also be used in conjunction with our 3″ or 4” dryer duct brushes and our range of DCT ducted heating brushes.

Flexi Flue Brush Kit Extender is designed to add length easily to your existing Flexi Flue Brush Kit and allow you to cover a greater distance with your existing head, handle and rod.

Flexi Flue Brush Kit Extenders come with the same high quality Aluminium BSW fittings as the kits:


  • 1x Male BSW Aluminium UA2 Fitting
  • 1x Female BSW Aluminium UA2 Fitting With M6 Locking Pin
  • 2m or 4m Length Of 5/8 Inch Nylon Tube
  • Kit Extenders Available In 2m and 4m, for all other sizes please contact us


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