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Note – suitable for sizes 16mm – 32mm diameter tube brushes only, with 5/16″ ferrule fitting

DIXBRO brand Fibreglass Extension Handles are made from heavy duty Fibreglass.   These Rods are strong, but with flexibility to get around bends and into corners. Use with 5/6″ Steel wire and Brass wire Condensor Tube Brushes and wire Boiler Tube Brushes. Great for pipe cleaning work.


  • Fibreglass Rod
  • 1.5 metre length
  • Can be screwed end to end for longer lengths
  • 5/16 inch BSW male and female ferrule attached, overall O/S diameter 12mm.

Note – with the closure of the DIXBRO factory in New Zealand, there is only limited stock available.

See our FAQ for other Rod Options.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 150 × .05 × .05 cm


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Q. I need a stronger Rod than 5/16″

A. We have Professional Chimney Sweep Rods that are ideal for larger size Boiler Tube Brushes.  Simply type CHIMNEY ROD into our Search Box at the top of this screen. Or click on this link:  You will also need a Universal Adaptor UA1 to attach the Chimney Rod to your Boiler Tube Brush: