Product Description

What is a Condensor Tube Brush?

A Condensor Tube Brush is a wire brush used for cleaning pipes, tubes, and bottles. Our Condensor Tube Brushes are great for general cleaning and removal of rust and scale from any internal hard to reach area.  Quality DIXBRO brand, made in New Zealand.


  • Made from 41 guage steel wire
  • Single twist on sizes 6mm – 13mm, double twist on the larger sizes
  • 130mm brush head length
  • Threaded End with 3/16 inch BSW Ferrule fitted to the smaller sizes, 5/16 inch BSW Ferrule for greater strength in the larger sizes
  • Suitable for manual use, slow revolution drill, or other flexible shaft equipment

Choosing the right brush?

Generally, it is best to match the brush to your application. The Steel Condensor Tube brush should be used for ferrous metal tubes or pipes. We also have a range of brass and nylon tube brushes, plus we can custom manufacture a brush to suit your needs. Small production runs our specialty. Please Contact us today to discuss your particular application.

Available sizes:

  • 6mm diameter – 3/16″inch BSW Ferrule
  • 8mm diameter – 3/16″inch BSW Ferrule
  • 10mm diameter – 3/16″inch BSW Ferrule
  • 10mm diameter – 5/16″inch BSW Ferrule
  • 11mm diameter – 5/16″inch BSW Ferrule
  • 13mm diameter – 5/16″inch BSW Ferrule
  • 14mm diameter – 5/16″inch BSW Ferrule
  • 16mm diameter – 5/16″inch BSW Ferrule
  • 19mm diameter – 5/16″inch BSW Ferrule
  • 25mm diameter – 5/16″inch BSW Ferrule

Check out our Extension Handle with 5/6″ BSW fitting.

Additional Information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 15.00 x 4.00 x 1 cm
Condensor Tube Brush Diameter

10mm 3/16" Thread, 10mm 5/16" Thread, 11mm, 13mm, 14mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, 6mm 3/16″ Thread, 8mm 3/16″ Thread


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