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Improve your Coffee Roaster’s performance with our Coffee Roaster’s Flue Cleaning Kit. Great for removing heavy build up in your roaster flue. Our Professional Kit includes our Trade discount of 20% off Retail Price. (No other Discount Offers applicable)

Standard Kit Comprises:

  • 2  x Professional Flue Brush Heads – for different size Flues, or choose a Flue Brush head the same size diameter as your Flue and then one smaller Flue Brush head to get into those hard to reach places
  • R900 Professional Chimney Rods  – 3ft (91.44mm) x 3/4 inch (19mm) dia poly flue rod – our Kits come in options of 12 foot (4 Rods), 18 foot (6 Rods) or 24 foot (8 Rods)
  • 1 x Universal Brass Adaptor

Standard kits can be shipped through Australia Parcel Post to most locations.

Handy Tip: To get the best out of your Flue Brush Kit, choose a Flue Brush that is the same diameter as the inside of your Flue;  a Flue Brush head too small will be ineffective, too large may damage the joins and rivets in your Flue.

Flue Brush Sizes available: 2.5 inch up to 6 inch

Kit length available: 12 foot (3.65m), 18 foot (5.48m), 24 foot (7.31m)

Click here for additional Chimney Rods


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