Product Description

Ideal for heavy duty applications, constructed with sturdy HDPE for 4WD rough and tumble.

Smaller design allows for mounting in limited space. Suited for most types of 4WD vehicles.

12mm internal diameter.

No nuts, bolts or washers supplied.


50mm / 2"25mm / 1'YesYes
50mm / 2"50mm / 2"YesYes
50mm / 2"75mm / 3"YesYes
50mm / 2"100mm / 4"YesYes
75mm / 3"25mm / 1"YesNo
75mm / 3"50mm / 2"YesNo

Custom sizes are available for orders of 20 units or more. Please contact us for a quote.

(Please check your local Laws and Regulations before undertaking any vehicle modification. Busy Bee Brushware Pty Ltd cannot provide any advice regarding the application or use of this product. Our Company will NOT be responsible for any loss, injury, damage incurred or suffered from the use of this Product).



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