Product Description

Flexi Brush Strip® is a custom designed Brushware product trade-marked by Busy Bee Brushware Pty Ltd. It is manufactured in flexible coils of a continuous length up to 20-25m, and can be cut to length, or made to order, for your application.

Sold in 1m increments. Discounted pricing for Cartons of 10m, 25m, or 50m.

When ordering multiples lengths, your Order will be packaged as a continuous length up to a coil of 20-25m max.

Please allow 3-4 business days from date of Order for manufacturing of the 200mm Bristle Trim.  This is a made to order size. 

What is it made of?

The brush back is a sturdy HDPE filled with tough Polypropylene fibre. The backing dimensions are 25mm height x 10mm width. The thickness of the fibre strand varies depending on the brush trim length from diameter 0.012″ to 0.018″.  The backing is drilled and bristle is staple punched into the backing.

Available in continuous lengths of up to 50 metres.

What is it used for?

  • Industrial Garage Door Seals to keep out dust, draughts and vermin
  • Spray Suppressant on Trucks, Trailers and Buses
  • Long lengths available for Tri-Axle Trailers
  • Conveyor belt skirting
  • Bottling conveyors, to softly control the flow and direction of the bottles
  • Manufacturing applications
  • Cold Room doors to seal and maintain temperature
  • Computer room cabling protection

Fitting options:

These goods will be supplied in a continuous length and can be cut to size as required.

Our Flexi Strip Brush has a larger backing which means you can screw or rivet straight into the backing.  Does not require any channel or Holder for fitting.

Download Flexi Strip Brush PDF


This product can be coiled into a carton and shipped either via Australia Post or Courier.

Spray Suppression Skirting

Signs You Should Buy Spray Suppression Skirting

If you’re looking for a unique, tailor-made solution to prevent damage to your possessions, spray suppression skirting may be ideal for you. Chances are, the idea of spray suppression skirting hasn’t yet crossed your mind, but the team here at Busy Bee Brushware have seen first-hand its versatility and helped dozens of people integrate it into their homes and businesses or onto their vehicles. Here are a few situations in which a truck spray suppression system may benefit you.

When Might You Need Spray Suppression Skirting?

One of the best parts about Busy Bee Brushware’s truck spray suppressant is how incredibly versatile it is. You can attach it to:

  • Doors. Whether you attach it to the bottom of a garage door, a freezer door, or an internal door in your home, spray suppression skirting provides an added layer of protection around the edges of doors of all shapes and sizes.
  • Vehicles. As the name ‘truck spray suppression’ suggests, suppression skirting was initially intended for vehicles. They minimise how much water spray is picked up from the road, thereby improving visibility for other drivers. Our spray suppression skirting can be cut to a custom length, making it ideal for trucks, buses, and trailers.
  • Conveyor belts. Busy Bee Brushware’s truck spray suppression system provides the perfect gentle skirting for conveyor belts.
  • Cabling and wiring. If you need added protection for computer cables, power cords, or wiring, the bristles of our suppression skirting are an ideal solution.

Benefits of High-Quality Spray Suppression Skirting

Now you have an understanding of how adaptable truck spray suppressant can be; you may be wondering what benefits it entails. Busy Bee Brushware’s spray suppression skirting can:

  • Keep things out. Our truck spray suppression system fibres have varying thicknesses of 0.012” to 0.018”, depending on the brush trim length. This provides a seal that prevents pests, water, draughts, and dust from entering the room.
  • Keep things in. If you need a tailored door seal solution for a cold room or walk-in freezer, Busy Bee Brushware’s truck spray suppressant is the answer. The well-designed bristles keep cold air in and maintain consistency in temperature.
  • Provide protection. Whether it’s rocks, dust, water, or vermin, the most significant perk spray suppression skirting offers is protection to your possessions and peace of mind.
  • It’s easy to install. Our suppression skirting has a more considerable backing, so you can screw or rivet straight into the back.

Why Busy Bee Brushware Are Your Go-To For Spray Suppression Skirting

The point of difference for Busy Bee Brushware’s spray suppression skirting is that we designed it. We recognised the need for customisable, durable spray suppression skirting, so we took the liberty of designing and developing our tailor-made product.

  • We have plenty of experience. Busy Bee Brushware has been one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial brushware for over 35 years. We’re passionate about providing your home and your business with tailored solutions.
  • We have a fast turnaround. No matter what your project or business requires, we make it our priority to deliver you with a premium-quality product as quickly as possible. If you need custom brushes quickly, make sure to enquire with us.
  • We’re Aussie-owned and operated. Busy Bee Brushware has been in the same family for over 35 years. Two generations of our family have been innovating, creating, and selling brushware all over Australia, and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

When You’re Looking For Spray Suppression Skirting, Head To Busy Bee Brushware

No matter how small or large your truck spray suppressant needs to be, Busy Bee Brushware is the specialists at providing custom brushware to suit you. With our fantastic relationships with folks in the brushware and plastics industries, we’ve been able to offer a massive range of premium-quality products to our customers all over the country. If you’re looking to enquire about Busy Bee Brushware’s custom large and small batch services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Otherwise, you can browse our truck spray suppression system on our website today.

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  1. Paul ROBERTS (verified owner)

    Using the flexi brush to act as a seal at the top of three roller doors and it is doing a great job of keeping the dust, leaves and pesky sparrows and swallows from nesting in my shed

    • Dearna Edwards

      Hi Paul,
      Thanks for that. We are glad that the Strip brush is working so well for you.
      Kind Regards,

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