Product Description

Flexi Brush Strip® is a custom designed Brushware product trade-marked by Busy Bee Brushware Pty Ltd. It is manufactured in flexible coils of a continuous length, and can be cut to length, or made to order, for your application.

Sold in 1m lengths. Discounted pricing for Cartons of 10m, 25m, or 50m.

What is it made of?

The brush back is a sturdy HDPE filled with tough Polypropylene fibre. The backing dimensions are 25mm height x 10mm width. The thickness of the fibre strand varies depending on the brush trim length from diameter 0.012″ to 0.018″.  The backing is drilled and bristle is staple punched into the backing.

Available in continuous lengths of up to 50 metres.

What is it used for?

  • Industrial Garage Door Seals to keep out dust, draughts and vermin
  • Spray Suppressant on Trucks, Trailers and Buses
  • Long lengths available for Tri-Axle Trailers
  • Conveyor belt skirting
  • Bottling conveyors, to softly control the flow and direction of the bottles
  • Manufacturing applications
  • Cold Room doors to seal and maintain temperature
  • Computer room cabling protection

Fitting options:

These goods will be supplied in a continuous length and can be cut to size as required.

Our Flexi Strip Brush has a larger backing which means you can screw or rivet straight into the backing.  Does not require any channel or Holder for fitting.

Download Flexi Strip Brush PDF


This product can be coiled into a carton and shipped either via Australia Post or Courier.


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