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Help protect your home from bush fire Ember Attack with our Fire Retardant Garage Door Brush Seals.  Complies with Australian Standard 3959-2009 for all BAL – Bush Fire Attack Levels 12.5 up to FZ.

For mounting around the Top and both sides and is mounted to the brickwork on the inside of the garage with the bristle heading towards the Garage Door when the door is closed.  In most applications, from the front of the garage you will see the bristle only and not the Holder.

Single Garage Kit 

Our Kit covers garage doors up to 3000mm wide, 3000mm high and covers up to a 25mm gap


  • 3 x 3000mm Anodized Aluminium Holder with 45-degree profile
  • 3 x 3000mm Fire Retardant Strip Brush in 4mm ZincSeal backing with 25mm Nylon Brush Length
  • Fixings – Nylon Masonry Anchors for Side Seals and Steel Screws for Top Seal

Double Garage Kit –

Our Kit covers garage doors up to 6000mm wide and covers a gap up to 25mm


  • 4 x 3000mm Anodized Aluminium Holder with 45-degree profile
  • 4 x 3000mm Fire Retardant Strip Brush in 4mm ZincSeal backing with 50mm Brush Length
  • Fixings – Nylon Masonry Anchors for Side Seals and Steel Screws for Top Seal

Download Our Strip Brush & Door Seals Brochure
  • Designed and made in Australia, and has the seal of the Australian Made Campaign licence
  • Larger 4mm backing thickness which provides a full and dense coverage of fibre
  • Easy to install to your Garage Door to stop embers flying in over the top and sides of the Sectional Door
  • Suitable for BAL levels BAL12.5, BAL19, BAL29, BAL40, & FZ
  • Our Fire Retardant Nylon bristle has been tested to ISO Standard 1210
  • Rated at classification VO, which means that the material will self-extinguish within 10 seconds of removal of a flame and may not drip flaming particles
  • Has a melting point up to approx. 220 degrees Celsius.
  • Helps to stop Embers getting inside your garage door and igniting materials inside your garage or shed
  • Keeps out dust, dirt and draughts, leaves and insects
  • Seal to within 3mm to meet the BCA (Building Code of Australia) requirements
  • The bristle should be just touching the door when the door is closed
  • Check that the brush mounting will not impact the mechanism of the Garage Door
  • Mounted from the inside of your brickwork makes the brush seal look minimal
  • Can be mounted using Steel Screws or Rivets and Masonry Nylon Anchors
  • Anodized Aluminium Holders can be painted with an Etch Primer and Colorbond colours to match your Garage Door
  • If unsure, talk to your local Garage Door maintenance professional, or your Building Construction Consultant
  • Heavy duty packaging to handle shipping to all parts of Australia

See our other product listings. We have Kits available for Roller Doors and Panel Lift Doors (Type “Roller” in our Search Box), or you can mix and match with our “Choose your options” product listing (type “4mm” in our Search Box). Sample Packs are available to purchase so you can “try before you buy”.

We have a full range of Aluminium Holders and Fire Retardant Brush Strips suitable for most domestic Garage doors, including Roller Doors, Panel Doors, Tilt Doors and Sectional Doors.  Suitable for top and bottom seal, and side seals.

Also available in 9mm backing thickness for larger or more Industrial applications.  Refer to our Product Brochure for Brush and Holder sizes.

Sample Pack Choose Your Options Industrial Strip Brush Sectional and Panel Door Kit

Australia Post Shipping Is NOT available for lengths above 1 metre. Freight Courier shipping only.

Please supply a physical address and contact number as our couriers cannot deliver to a PO Box.   Please also specify any special instructions for our Courier, eg. leave at side door if not at home.  Thank you.



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